Divorce Mediation Answer Book

Co-author (with Dolores D. Walker, M.S.W., J.D.) of the Divorce Mediation Answer Book, published in 1999. The mediation process is explained, and questions about how to negotiate your own settlement in mediation are answered. The book answers most of the questions people have when considering separation or divorce-about emotional issues, the distribution of property, parenting plans and custody, child support, maintenance (alimony), and other financial issues. There is a chapter with questions which apply to unmarried and gay/lesbian couples, and a resource section which contains a list of qualified mediators, divorce-related websites, and other helpful material.

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Excerpts from reviews

" ...Helps simplify the issues. Organized in a no-nonsense question-and-answer format...readers are given ample resources for further guidance...highly recommended."

-Library Journal

"...The essential mediation guide...readers have come away with special words ringing in their ears- amicable, understanding, support, guidance, cooperation, focusing, resource, clear, sensible. This is a one of a kind repository source on the subject."

-Henry Kellerman, Postgraduate Center for Mental Health

"...Highly recommended... helpful insights into unmarried, gay, and lesbian relationships...a useful and helpful book."

-William Neville, Academy of Family Mediators

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