Carol A. Butler, Ph.D. : Mediator

Mediation is a non-adversarial way to resolve conflicts while keeping the  
focus on the future.

Divorce Mediation is a way to make a settlement of all the issues
involved in separation: property, finances, parenting, child support, maintenance
(alimony), and other issues unique to each couple.
Unmarried couples use mediation to resolve similar issues.
Post-divorce re-negotiation of  custody and child support arrangements can be accomplished efficiently in mediation.

Divorce Mediation Answer Book

Divorce Coaching helps clients to get organized and think clearly about what they need and want.
Prepares clients to strategize and communicate effectively in mediation or with their attorney.
Helps resolve emotional obstacles that are interfering with reaching a satisfactory settlement.

Business Mediation helps partners in small businesses to improve
 business relationships and increase productivity.  The mediator can facilitate
making difficult business decisions.  She can also help to resolve

  • conflicts between management and employees
  • agency-client impasses
  • disagreements within board of directors


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